Smart Building Connectivity


Building Automation and Automation Construction Management Systems do not extend the operating and cost-effective efficiency of automation of infrastructure such as safety, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC). Intelligent buildings combining construction work through the Internet (IoT) of construction simplify tasks such as mobile devices and computer temperature, security, and maintenance management. 

Plant management, architectural automation, and IoT sensor types used by smart build applications are limited only by imagination. Applicable duplicate applications include air conditioner including

  1.  Temperature, moisture, vibration, etc. 
  2.  CO surveillance 
  3.  For electrical 
  4.  Fire detector 
  5.  Heating, ventilation, air conditioning  (HVAC) 
  6.  Light control 
  7.  Occupying 
  8.  Prediction maintenance 
  9.  Safety and access control 
  10.  Structural health 
  11.  Water monitoring 

This is essential to enable this to collect and analyse real-time data available. 

  1.  Reduce maintenance costs with predictable maintenance 
  2.  Optimise space utilisation. 
  3.  Improve the safety and of the landlord

For any workspace or facilities management, it is important to keep a balance between effectiveness & cost efficiencies. Smart building connectivity has a proven track of maintaining this balance and providing the owners a benefit of high productivity with decreased cost.

It's high time for property owners to utilise their resources and manage the facilities by incorporating technology at their works buildings epitome uses the Internet of things to provide smart building connectivity solutions at ease.

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