Professional Services

Network audits are carried out to analyze the design and performance of the existing network infrastructure.
The process involves the following:

  • Physical network design (Cabling Campus/Backbone etc.,)
  • Review of the network architecture Topology and Design ( WAN/LAN/WLAN etc.,)
  • Products, technology and protocols currently in use (Layer 2 and Layer 3)
  • Network security
  • Resiliency & scalability of the design
  • Network performance testing (Latency, throughput, etc.,)
  • Configuration review
  • Log analysis
Based on the above, a GAP analysis is conducted, and appropriate recommendations are made.

Choose from:

- Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services
- Data center planning and design
- Managed audiovisual (AV) solutions
- Wireless local area network (WLAN) planning and design
- Remote infrastructure management

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability assessment is a process in which we identify vulnerabilities in a system and the possibilities of reducing them. This can be carried out on all information technology related infrastructure. And Sometimes the requirement is specific like, perimeter security, server farms or wireless, etc., The assessment will help organizations to meet compliance requirements, aid in reducing information security risk levels and also provide forensic data.

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Data Center Planning and Design

This is a modular and innovative approach to data center, within the framework of global data center standards TIA 942. It covers the entire critical physical infrastructure for any data center - power, thermal, and cooling, low voltage, equipment storage, security, fire protection, etc., It includes consulting, project management, turnkey projects and turnkey options. This exercise includes auditing, testing and documentation functions.

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Managed Audiovisual (AV) Solutions

An industry first effort in implementing a completely automated, SLA defined support services. Managed AV services are the new standard of service. Epitome believes in attending to AMC call on a pro-active mode, where every equipment is 16/6 monitored. Dash board sends out an alarm of operation snags, if any, through display signals.

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Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Planning and Design

Capacity planning of wireless deployments enable us to deliver accurate bandwidth. Planning of access points are done using coverage maps, radio frequency interference, inter-access point interference, and overlap. We use state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) planning tools from leading providers to ensure that WLAN deployments address client’s requirement for RF coverage and application performance. At the same time, we also integrate enterprise-wide security to the architecture, ensuring data security and integrity.

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Remote Infrastructure Management

In simple terms, RIM underlines the concept of "You operate, We maintain". We can have a tie-up in either of the two working arrangements as below:

  • Total outsource model
  • Out-task model
The first model involves all aspects of IT infrastructure, i.e WAN/ LAN/ WAN/ storage/ applications and OS etc., In the out-task model, the client would require only specific technology or domain to be managed, for example, only WAN infrastructure like routers or only perimeter security devices like Firewalls/UTM etc., The RIM offering will comply with ITIL and BS20000 standards for service delivery. The above models are SLA driven based on client requirement.

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