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Who Is Epitome ?

Team Players Seasoned with Experience

Our mission is to improve customer competitiveness through dynamic engineering solutions. Technology integration initiatives relating to company infrastructure are something we are well-versed in.

Thought Force Fuelled by Expertise

Our solutions guarantee long-term operational stability by incorporating process improvement techniques into every engagement. We also believe in developing our clients’ internal expertise. Hence, we provide on-the-job knowledge transfer that ensures that all skill gaps are addressed.

Aspirants Targeting Excellence

We implement the industry’s best practices in technology, processes, and skills management to deliver the highest quality of value-added solutions, thereby not compromising on quality to minimize operational costs. This has enabled us to build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients and create a niche presence in the ever-growing IT infrastructure market.

Epitome's process - What is the difference?

Get a feel on how the Epitome approach makes a difference.

Pro Development

At Epitome, we believe the development process to be beyond the regular “cut & paste” of cliche ideas using common peripherals. The scope holistically covers project analysis, recommendations, facility assistance, architecture coordination, and utilization planning.

Pro Design

Our work protocol involves a 4-stage design and approval process before executing it, adhering to contemporary architectural tones. We coherently understand deliverables through approval of project charter, functional requirement analysis, conceptual schematics, and finally, detailed construction drawings.

Pro Integration

Our system integration approach is a systematic combination of ensuring synergy between the primary function and human engineering principles. Epitome goes the extra mile to guarantee “operator & maintenance-friendly” installation with comprehensive engineering.

Pro Support

Customer service is not a department. It is an attitude.” We firmly adhere to this, since the customer is the sole reason and purpose of our existence. First-of-its-kind service to introduce a ticketing system based "Service Level Agreement" (SLA), is the with a single point of contact for service requests.

Why Choose Epitome?


Epitome provides in-detail solutions in information, communication technology, enterprise-campus network solutions, audio-visual integration, and pro audio. Certified designers and expert installers provide the positive experience.


We provide Consistency in design within defined response times and offer minimal 'Mean Time Between Failures' (MTBF) for high system utilization and availability. We also offer a fail-safe safety mechanism for component protection and have a better product life cycle.


Epitome delivers affordable systems through intelligent hardware management to deliver higher performance in ‘client-specified application area’. At Epitome, we provide a networking matrix customized to the client's objectives.


We arrive at the right ‘product application’ interface with the help of multiple vendors who act as an extended arm of our operations. We continuously innovate our hardware execution practices along with periodical technology refreshers & seminars.


Our domain expertise extends to all industry segments- Information Technology (IT), Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and more and we offer our services in all regions across India.

The Best Team Ever

Our team of experts in the field. We have carved our niche, time and again, by delivering only the best!

Sanjeev Kalyani

Founder Director

Bala Subramanyam

Founder Director

Our Clients


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