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We provide simplified configuration, centralized management and real-time information about all current equipment & space utilization to help companies grasp the status of available real estate resources.

Workspace Management

Epitome strives to facilitate curative insights into space utilisation that can result in transformative actions in future space planning. Our solutions suite is flexible and user-friendly, which enables your organization to manage, analyze and adapt facilities operations and maintenance. This provides you with accurate data that help deliver better user experience.

Meeting Room Management and Usage  Analytics

Meeting or conference rooms are some of the most commonly used spaces. We help users choose the right room for their meetings. Our system ensures that bookings show up on user’s & attendees’ calendars so that there’s no doubt about the room, location or time. Integrated CAD layouts make way-finding to booked rooms easier. We at Epitome, monitor and manage meeting rooms for maximum efficiency by gathering valuable information about room use, energy consumption and occupancy rates, using integrated sensors.

Rest Room Management

Smart restrooms are one of the IoT solutions that have been launched in various places for efficient management. These next-generation restrooms significantly improve the customer experience and employee well-being while reducing the cost of maintaining equipment. We help maintain the lavatory hygiene, provide SLA-based ‘clean when required’ and accommodate user feedback. We provide smart washroom products that are versatile, from optimizing refills to providing predictive analysis based on real-time tracking information.

Critical Space Management

Failure isn't an option when managing critical spaces. Epitome’s solution in this space delivers proactive equipment performance management and reporting, air quality management and energy management. This helps manage your organization’s critical infrastructures like a Datacenter or NOC space by optimally using the space to build an environment where employees thrive & excel. We also provide solutions to streamline maintenance efforts.

Way Finding and Visitor Management

Epitome provides a helpful, innovative solution to efficiently manage your visitors. This includes quick and easy visitor check-in, real-time host notification, which is smart and secure.  With accurate indoor maps, relying on behavioural trends and real-time data to optimize routes, the wayfinding software uses an open architecture that is able to collect and interpret data from disparate IoT devices, offering a more personalized experience for users.

Energy and Air Quality Management

Manage your organization’s energy consumption patterns and reduce your carbon footprint. Epitome strives to reduce your energy costs by providing analytical data on usage and occupancy trends. With Co2 air quality sensors, we efficiently monitor the air quality and manage the HVAC system. Our comprehensive dashboard establishes easy to identify trends and usage that further help optimise the environment management and help organisations achieve LEED energy certification and The WELL building certification.

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