Our Audio Video solutions are customised to each use case and adopts the IT infrastructure to simplify the operation and management of the AV deployment.

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Enterprise and Pro Audio Visual

AudioVisual (AV) technology has evolved from whiteboard projectors to complex solutions, including telepresence, interactive technology, audiovisual cloud functions, networked audio/video solutions, video walls and intelligent automation of switching/distribution systems for providing a rich multimedia experience. The integration of AV & IT networks simplifies the integration and management of enterprise and campus AV technology.

At Epitome, we use our Audio Video and Information and Communication Technology expertise to design-implement large-scale AV solutions that are modular, scalable, secure & compatible with technological advancements in the AV industry. Our solution combines IT infrastructure with AV. This simplifies the operation and management of the AV infrastructure.

Our engineers & design technicians follow best practices, standards in design & engineering, installation, testing. Equipped with the most advanced design applications & test equipment, we ensure that our solutions meet & exceed customer expectations.

How We Do It ?

Our solutions align with your technology needs

Presentation Technology Solutions

You get a multitude of display solutions ranging from a simple single screen to complex curved video walls, edge blending projection systems, collaborative, and interactive display solutions that enhance workplace productivity.

Unified Communication Solutions

Whether it’s voice, video or data, the simplicity of its usage defines the ability to share and collaborate on the AV platform seamlessly. From a simple audio/video conferencing, the audio-video implementation facilitates optimal team interactions, dynamically unifying individuals, virtual workgroups and diverse teams.

Critical Space Solutions

We optimally utilize the potential system, which gives more significant levels of productivity in mission-critical environs. Epitome offers expertise in powerful design & implementation required by NOCs, museums, expertise centres and disaster monitoring centres.

Content Distribution Solutions

Epitome provides digital signage solutions, audio, video customized streaming, multiple classroom and training room teaching solutions, centralized corporate and hospitality content distribution.

Streaming Solutions

Be it webinar streaming, medical live operation theater streaming, or classrooms, corporate and HR training streaming, Epitome has designed and deployed a multitude of customised streaming, recording and retrieval solutions, across Enterprise, Healthcare and Education verticals.

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